Baden Cooke

2003 Tour De France Green Jersey Winner

I was very impressed with the slick organisation of the HCCR. The event was fun and relaxed on the surface, but everything ran like clockwork behind the scenes. It is not often that an event with more than 100 participants over four days would not have a single complaint, if there has been one then I have not heard it. I have had nothing but positive feedback.

Wayne Schwass

Australian Football Legend and CEO of Puka Up

We engaged Cycle Plan as our event & logistics partner for our annual Suicide Prevention bike ride earlier this year. Tim’s professionalism, enthusiasm and willingness to ensure our event was a success was evident from the first meeting we had with him. It was important to work with a partner who understood and supported our commitment to mental health and suicide prevention which Tim and his team did incredibly well. This years event was incredibly successful and I can confidently say that it was in part due to the commitment and efforts of Tim and the Cycle Plan team.

Geoff Coombs

Co Founder of the Tour De Cure and Director of Development

The High Country Charity Ride is amazing! A stunning region to ride and with a great group who had you smiling for the entire 4 days of the trip.

The guys from Cycle Plan do an incredible job keeping everyone safe and leaving nothing to chance. Their ride leaders sure can ride and helped our group of 5 riders (All at different levels of Ability and Fitness) enjoy their days in the Victorian Alps. Can't wait to ride the Tour again next year......I will be fitter and ready to take on the hills with the fast group next year!

Chris Reynolds

Director of Operations and International Sales

I have worked directly with Tim Briggs for the past couple of years with the High Country Charity Ride both as a sponsor and participant. Having been involved in a number of events over the years from both a business and pleasure perspective, I can say that Tim’s professional and clear method of event organisation is well received, resulting in an enjoyable and well run event. Tim has a passion for the events he runs, which trickles down to the participants creating a positive vibe throughout the event

Rob Eva

SRAM Australia General Manager and MTB Legend

Over the last 30 years I have been cycling and have supported and ridden many group and charity rides. The Cycle Plan managed event was a great balance of professionalism with some time for riders to stretch there legs on the hills with a big safety factor in mind. Big groups of different riding abilities are always a challenge and Tim and is staff over the years have pulled off an amazing experience.  From information emails leading up to the events to Accomadation, meals and all looking very sharp in brand new cycling Kits every year.  

As a sponsor we feel this is the new way to reach the riders who are riding and choosing what they ride and where.  Amazing events and all for a great cause.  

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